Celine Dornick



With only close to two years of surfing experience and being only 12 years old Celine became vice German-Champion (Juniors) in Rapid Surfing. Actually Celine had been more into horse riding and started surfing more by accident than by desire. But once she had started there were no holding back as she fell in love with the sport, lifestyle and the community. As there is no stationary wave in Mannheim (Germany) yet she is frequently traveling to Munich in order to train there. 

                  photocredit: citywave/Kurtheiter.de  


2nd Place Citywave Pro World Tour Tokyo (Juniors Overall)
5th Place Citywave Pro World Tour Tokyo (Open Women)
Semifinal Citywave Pro World Tour Zürich
3rd Place Citywave Pro World Tour Wien (Juniors Overall)
Best placed Citywave Pro World Tour Wien Juniors (Girls)
2nd Place German-Championships Rapid Surfing (Juniors)
Quarterfinal German-Championships Rapid Surfing (Women)
Participation Wave Masters Boot Düsseldorf


Celine’s goal is to become one of the worlds best surfers and to participate in competitions all over the world. She already started to pursue that by participating in all stops of the Citywave Pro Tour in 2019. 

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photocredit: citywave/Kurtheiter.de